Thursday, January 17, 2019

...till the end of the Earth
I was 17 years old when I accepted Christ as my personal Savior. When I had understood what it means it really touched me that the calling of Jesus is till the ends of the Earth. So many people live without hearing the Good News about Jesus Christ. That’s why we went to Albania for seven years and I love to encourage my Hungarian fellows to think big. We have a great God with a plan even for a small nation like Hungary. We can’t stop at the borders with the Gospel, but we really have to share it till the end of the Earth. I feel blessed to help Wycliffe Hungary as a member of the board to send missionaries all around the world.
In this year 14 Hungarian missionaries are serving in four 
continents to make the Bible more available in local languages.
Board of Wycliffe Hungary and the office staff on the strategic planning day 

Our mission organization, Campus Crusade for Christ, Hungary, also puts  in more and more effort to reach the Muslim world. You can read more about the next projectst in our news letter.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

From Virág
January is about exams for me. Because of my studies, I usually 
have about 8 exams, written and oral as well. I did well so far and I have one more to go.
At the same time, I keep in touch with the girls from my Bible 

study group and also with those, who are open to talk. One of 
them is VikiThe story of how we first met personally is kind of 
funnyViki came to Speak Out this summer and since then has 
been regularly attending our weekly meeting. I had chats with her there, but she was really shy. In December we organized a gift 
making Christmasparty for girls. Viki planned to come, but the 
next day she wrote to me, that she got lost and thats why she missed the party. I offered her to meet, so I can give to her the gift I 
made. Thats how we met for first time personally. We had a greattime talking. She was very honest about how she is searching for 
the meaning of her life and she is not sure about Christianity, but open to hear more about it. So, we continue to meet and talk. 
Please pray for her, that the Holy Spirit would convince her about the Truth. Also, please continue to pray for Evelin and Mesi, that 
they would grow as they walk with the Lord.